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Most private events can be insured from Wedsure. Available for the same low price starting at just $95.

Nine optional coverages available

We can insure your event for nine coverages including Liability, Cancellation, Gifts, Loss of Deposits, Special Attire, Photographs/Video coverage, and more. View all coverages

Quote and buy online instantly 24/7

Select your event type and up to nine optional coverages you desire for your private event. Coverage can be purchased up to two years prior to the wedding date all the way up to the night before your first event for the same price. You can print your documents immediately.

Certificates of Liability

Printing a Certificate of Insurance is easy. Instant Certificates of Liability with your event site named as an Additional Insured, online 24/7.


Examples of private events insured by Wedsure

Anniversary Party • Baby Shower • Baptism • Bar Mitzvah • Bat Mitzvah • Birthday Party • Engagement Party • Family Party • Family Reunion • Housewarming
Showers • Find out more

Starting at only $95.

Special Event Insurance
For any event involving the public such as a fair, carnival, exhibition, fundraising dinner, concert, festival, etc. please go to RVNA Event Insurance at

Private Event Insurance

Providing Private Event Insurance to individuals for over 20 years. Starting at $95. Insuring private events with up to nine optional coverages with the most flexible plan on the market.

Cancellation & Liability plus 7 other optional coverages
Purchase up to nine individual coverages for your private event as late as the night before your event. Just select your event and quote and buy online, it's that simple.

Covered events
Covered events include most private parties including Bar Mitzvahs, Anniversary Parties, Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Family Reunions and more. Just click the Quote and Buy Online button, select your event type and get a quote instantly. Purchase the policy directly online and print out your documents immediately - Presto - you're ready for your party!

Proof of Insurance?
If you are looking for a Certificate of Insurance - just add an Additional Insured during your online purchase and you will have proof for your event site, instantly! Purchase as late as the night before your event.

Weather Insurance

If your event is outdoors then Weather Insurance is a must. Weather insurance will help you rent a tent, pay snowplow fees, or any expenses that you incur if it rains, pours or snows during your covered event.

How it works

Select the day and time of your event. Coverage is for a selected three or six hour period.

Example: You purchase $25,000 in Weather Insurance coverage. If it rains the amount of rain you selected during the covered time period, we will send you a check for $25,000.

How do we measure the weather?

All rainfall and snow is measured through local Weather Stations. A Weather Station is an active government-controlled site that records rainfall to the nearest 1/100" on an hourly basis and records snowfall to the nearest 1/10" on a daily basis.


How early in advance of my coverage start date can I purchase coverage?
Weather Insurance can be purchased up to one year in advance but no later than 14 days prior to the event.

Sample events where Weather Insurance is applicable:
• Weddings & Special Events
• Fairs and Festivals
• Golf tournaments
• Fundraisers
• Concerts
• Weather promotions
• Parades

How can I purchase Weather Insurance?

Weather Insurance can be purchased through our parent company R.V. Nuccio & Associates, Inc. Go to



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