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Wedsure Debunks Wedding Dress Distress

The first time Ava Jackman put on her Vera Wang wedding gown, she felt like a princess. She knew it was "the one" the minute she laid eyes on it. The price was was a little high but she felt confident her fiancé would love the simple, elegant style as much as she did. To top it off, the bridal shop also offered a vast selection of gowns for bridesmaids and mothers of the bride. She returned with her mom and bridesmaids the following week and ordered six additional dresses. The final cost came to $15,000. Ava paid a $7,500 deposit and left the shop floating on a cloud.

Three weeks before the wedding, the dresses arrived at the shop. Ava was concerned about the timing, so she immediately booked a fitting for herself and the other girls. On the day of the fitting, the dresses looked exactly as she remembered, the seamstress was quick and personable, and only minor alterations were needed. Everything was going according to plan.

So Close... Yet So Far Away
Unfortunately, Ava's bliss was short-lived. One week before the wedding, she arrived to pick up the altered

gowns only to discover a padlock on the front door. With no warning, the business had been seized by the bankruptcy court. Ava had no way of getting her wedding dresses. Her frantic calls went unreturned.

Your Best Dress Defense
Ava was devastated. Fortunately, eight months earlier, she had purchased wedding insurance with Loss of Deposit coverage, Cancellation and Additional Expense coverage from Wedsure. Although she had heard all the bridal gown horror stories, the insurance was just a precaution. She never really thought something like this would happen to her.

When Ava called Wedsure, she was relieved to learn that she would be reimbursed for the $7,500 dress deposit. Wedsure authorized her to incur the Additional Expense of obtaining new gowns on short notice, so she could avoid canceling the wedding. She quickly found a different shop that arranged overnight shipment and one-day alterations. In the end, Ava was a glowing bride and the wedding dress distress was a distant memory!

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A Savvy Solution For The Salsa Surprise

When planning a wedding, most couples spend the majority of their time interviewing a crowd of caterers, searching for the right location, and selecting the best flowers and decorations. Not Grant and Grace - they breezed through those decisions, and thankfully so. The couple needed to focus all their extra time on the choreographed wedding party dance they were planning as entertainment for the reception.

Grace and Grant loved to dance and so did their friends. They spent months putting together funky and fun choreography to a remix of rocking tunes. The 15-minute dance ensemble included the stomp, the cha-cha slide, the Macarena, and variations of the salsa. The whole wedding party was in on it - even the bride and groom's parents.

Salsa Surprise
Needless to say, the surprise performance was a hit! The bridal party rocked the reception and when the dance concluded, the wedding guests exploded onto the dance floor. The couple's choreographed moves spread like wildfire. Guests were sliding all over the ballroom

and everyone was having a great time. Suddenly, the festivities came to a screeching halt. Rachel, a guest, fell to the floor in pain when another guest twirled and slipped right into her. A hard fall was the last thing this 67-year-old woman needed. She was in agonizing pain and couldn't get up. After being transported by ambulance to the hospital, she learned that both hips were broken and needed replacement to a tune of $235,000! Rachel's health insurance required her to sue the wedding couple for reimbursement, since the injury was caused by their event.

The Savvy Solution
Grace and Grant were shocked by the lawsuit. Fortunately, Grace had previously purchased a wedding insurance policy from Wedsure that included Liability protection. She called and was relieved to learn that the loss would be covered.

Rachel was relieved too. Now she could focus her efforts on healing, not on the associated expenses. In the end, it was the surprise wedding party performance (not Rachel's injury) that everyone remembered!

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Memories Restored After Photographer Disappears

Justin and Ashley's beachfront wedding was the epitome of picture perfect. As they exchanged their vows, the sun set across the ocean in a vibrant display of oranges and reds glistening across the waves. A flock of geese flew overhead in a 'v' formation that resembled a heart. And a few tears of joy sparkled on the cheeks of the happy bride.

After the ceremony, onlookers marveled that they could not recall a more beautiful setting or a more touching ceremony. Best of all, the entire event was captured on film by one of the city's premier photographers. Ashley was thankful she spent extra on her photography package. She never wanted to forget the beauty of her special day.

Throughout the entire event, the photographer and his two assistants were highly professional and organized. The couple had no doubt that their memories were beautifully preserved.

Once Justin and Ashley returned from their Maui honeymoon, they couldn’t wait to see the photos. Ashley dialed the photographer’s number, but it was disconnected. She then tried his cell phone – also without success. She figured there must be some mistake, but two weeks later, she knew for certain – her photographer had left town with no forwarding address. The local news reported that he was wanted for income tax evasion.

A Wise Choice
Fortunately, Justin and Ashley wisely purchased wedding insurance several months earlier. Their policy included Loss of Deposits coverage and Photographs/Video coverage. After speaking with Wedsure, Ashley learned that she didn't have to forfeit her memories - the policy would pay to restage and reshoot the event! It also covered her lost photography deposit of $5,000.

The following month was a whirlwind! The reception facility was re-booked, the cake was re-baked, the tuxedos were re-rented, new flowers were purchased, and out-of-town members of the wedding party were flown back in.

A new photographer was hired and the ceremony and cake-cutting were re-enacted, so the couple's memories could be restored.

Was the reenactment as picture perfect as the original day? Of course not. But, it allowed the bride and groom the possibility of someday sharing beautiful wedding photos with their children and grandchildren - a joy that would have never been possible without the right insurance.

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Couple Responsible For Crosswalk Nightmare

Megan and Moe were just sitting down for brunch when Moe's cell phone rang. "Have you heard the news?" his Dad asked briskly. "Of course not, I'm on my honeymoon, Dad," Moe retorted with more than a little irritation in his voice. "Tommy left the reception drunk last night and he ran over a 17-year-old woman crossing Burbank Avenue," his Dad continued, "She's at Providence in the Intensive Care Unit and they say she'll be lucky to survive."

Moe knew the situation would be devastating for the victim and for his friend Tommy. It might even be bad for the caterer who served the alcohol. But he never dreamed it would impact him and Megan too. After all, they weren't anywhere close when the accident transpired.

Six months later, he received an all-too-real lesson in the ins and outs of Host Liquor Liability. The victim ultimately survived, but with significant permanent disability.

She sued Tommy as well as the caterer and the event hosts - Megan and Moe - for contributing to Tommy's intoxication. Damages were estimated at more than $750,000.

From Bad To Worse
Unfortunately, Tommy carried the minimum auto liability insurance required by the state - $100,000. His insurance was sadly insufficient. Worse yet, the caterer had no Liquor Liability coverage at all! Suddenly, Megan and Moe began to realize that the situation was worse than they thought - they really could be held responsible. Megan called WedSure to see if the wedding insurance policy they purchased the year before would offer any relief. Finally, there was some good news.

Megan and Moe learned that the Liability coverage of their wedding insurance policy included Host Liquor Liability coverage and it would pay to defend the event holder. When they proceeded to trial, they had a topnotch defense, without the topnotch bill. But, in the end, they were found partially responsible and the insurance policy paid $550,000 on their behalf.

Today, Megan and Moe are happily married. When they plan their 10th anniversary party, one thing is for sure — they'll require proof of Liquor Liability insurance when they hire the caterer and they will again purchase Liability protection from Wedsure!

Wedsure Articles

When The Presents Are No Longer Present

Tracy and Paul's wedding was a one-stop affair at a posh downtown hotel. The ceremony took place in an outdoor garden courtyard and the reception was in the ballroom. Upon arrival, guests were directed to place gifts and cards on a reception table inside before proceeding to the outdoor ceremony area.

Outside in the courtyard, the sun shone, birds sang, and love was in the air. Inside, a different story was unfolding. Unbeknownst to everyone, the presents were being carted away by thieves masquerading as hotel clerks.

Tracy and Paul didn't notice anything awry when they came inside for the reception - neither did the guests. Everyone was caught up in the moment, enjoying the food, champagne, and festivities. It was only after the cake cutting and first dance that Tracy's mom started thinking about next steps and wondering where the gifts had been stowed.

She asked members of the hotel staff for assistance. After a brief period of confusion, it became apparent that the presents were no longer present!

Police were notified and film from hotel security cameras was reviewed. The thieves could be seen on the tape loading all the gifts into large carts and wheeling them toward a service elevator. Tape from an exterior camera showed them leaving the premises in a dark colored SUV. The police confirmed that this was just one more incident in a growing crime spree. It seems the thieves had already gotten away with the heist twice before at other local hotels.

With 150 guests in attendance, the loss was estimated at $15,000! Tracey and Paul were devastated - they'd been hoping that wedding presents would help them furnish and update the 1940s craftsman bungalow they'd just purchased. Fortunately, they had also purchased wedding insurance from Wedsure with Gifts coverage several months earlier.

When Paul reported the loss, he was relieved to learn that he would soon receive a check in the mail. It seems that good insurance is always present - even when the gifts are missing in action!

Wedsure Articles

Unexpected Death Derails Wedding Plans

Sol and Chaya planned their wedding in downtown Washington, D.C., at a grand, historic hotel. It would be a formal event with 300 guests and a four-course meal at the reception. Sol's father was a retired senator, so the guest list was diverse and included many influential and well-known people.

The night before the big event, a more casual, albeit quite swanky, rehearsal dinner was scheduled at the historic bar and grill attached to the hotel. Sol's 88-year-old father, David, was riding the train from New York and two of his favorite indulgences, lobster and prime rib, were on the menu. David was quite proud of his son and fond of his soon-to-be daughter-in-law. He relished the thought of mingling with old friends and spending time with his family.

All was going according to plan until the evening of the rehearsal dinner, when Sol went to the train station to pick up his father. As riders exited the train, David was nowhere to be found.

Sol called his father's cell phone, but there was no answer. He then went to the ticket counter to ask if David had purchased a ticket. Indeed, he had - so where was he now?

Worst Nightmare
Sol noticed a policeman and an EMT boarding the emptied train, and his heart started pounding. He asked a few onlookers what was happening and learned that a passenger had been found unconscious. Soon, Sol's worst fears were realized - the passenger in question was his father. Worse yet, his father was deceased - not unconscious as initially believed. The whole situation was so surreal and unexpected. Sol struggled to think clearly.

Thankfully Chaya was his rock. One thing he had always admired was her ability to remain calm under pressure and today was no exception. After consoling Sol, and logistically discussing the next steps, she calmly stated that the wedding could not proceed under these circumstances. She called a group of her closest friends and family members to help her dispatch the news to all expected guests. Then, she called WedSure.

Just as she expected, Wedsure confirmed that she had purchased Wedding Cancellation coverage on her wedding insurance policy and that she and Sol would be reimbursed for all expenses the couple had incurred. At this late date, final payments were already required. The costs incurred totaled $103,000! Thanks to their WedSure policy, Sol and Chaya recouped every penny. They were greatly relieved and able to put the wedding behind them and truly focus on the moment at hand - saying goodbye to their beloved father.

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Black Tie Plan B

Elegant extravagance was the theme of Chelsea and Frank's lavish New York wedding scheduled for Friday evening at 7. The diamond-adorned wedding gown was custom-made by an A-list fashion designer, the elaborate decor included 300,000 roses and the 26-tier wedding cake was rumored to cost $24,000.

The staff at the posh hotel venue bustled in preparation to serve the expected 250 guests... that is until 2 p.m. when everything turned black. Food preparation, table dressing and decorating came to a grinding halt. The power company was unable to estimate when service would be restored and there was no backup generator available. Only one thing was for certain: If the lights weren't on within the next 90 minutes, there was no way the wedding would continue according to plan.

Chelsea contacted Wedsure to explore her options. Her wedding was budgeted to cost $250,000.

WedSure authorized her to incur up to $62,500 in Additional Expense to move the wedding and avoid a complete cancellation. Another suitable and equally luxurious hotel with a backup generator and enough fuel for 7 days was available just five blocks away and the chef confirmed he could accommodate the menu, but only if he started preparations immediately. Chelsea and Frank were not thrilled with the idea of moving the wedding, but they decided it was better than canceling. The move was authorized.

At 4 p.m., just before the move was initiated, the power was restored at their original hotel. Now it was up to the couple whether or not to move the event. Again, Chelsea contacted WedSure. She was told if she wanted to keep the wedding at the original location, she could do so. If the power went out again, the couple could cancel the wedding and the Cancellation coverage they had so wisely purchased would cover their total loss.

The power stayed on and the wedding was perfect. Last week, Chelsea and Frank celebrated their first anniversary.

They'll never forget the lesson they learned on their "almost" canceled wedding day. Always have a little insurance and a Plan B - even for black tie event.

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How One Misstep Caused One Expensive Tumble

Scott and Kirsten wanted a hip, fun wedding reception. They dreamed of an energetic celebration that would inspire guests of all ages to move and groove on the dance floor. Because they knew getting people to dance could be difficult, they hired a dynamic disc jockey - one who offered group dance lessons guaranteed to get guests swinging.

The small misstep on the dance floor
On the night of the big event, the DJ taught an easy dance lesson as planned. Kirsten, Scott and all the guests enthusiastically joined in and the DJ began dancing with the guests, while continuing to give dance tips.

All was going according to plan until the DJ sent one guest spinning. Unfortunately, she spun right out of his grasp and right onto the floor. She tried to catch herself as she fell backward, but the impact broke both of her wrists.

The Expensive Tumble
Several months later, the guest filed a lawsuit. She was a heads-down data entry specialist and missed months of work because she couldn't type while her wrists healed. Although the DJ was responsible for her injury, Scott and Kirsten got stuck holding the liability bag. It turns out the DJ had no insurance!

The couple was stunned as the DJ had told them he was properly insured. Fortunately, the couple had prepared for the unexpected by purchasing Liability coverage from WedSure. After an expensive legal defense, in the end they were held liable for the guest's injuries and their policy paid out $300,000 on their behalf.

Scott and Kirsten learned firsthand the importance of preparing for the unexpected. Most importantly, they learned that a verbal indication of vendor's insurance is just not good enough. As a result, they made a pact to always obtain Proof of Liability insurance in writing from all vendors!

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The Wedding Site Setback

Lecia was thrilled when her fiance, Manny, agreed to her wedding site selection. She had chosen a lush country club set amid 260 acres of breathtaking scenery. She loved the location and was especially looking forward to the outdoor wedding photos.

On the day of the wedding, the bride, groom and bridal party showed up early to take pictures. When they arrived, they found the doors padlocked and no one was in sight. They soon discovered the property had been seized by the bankruptcy court.

Lecia and Manny were shocked. There had no prior warning that the country club was in trouble. In fact, the bride had just been at the country club decorating the day before.

Venue on the rocks
For years, the country club had operated profitably by providing one-year membership agreements. Two years ago, when membership started declining, they began offering highly discounted rates for two-year memberships to raise funds.

The tactic got them through the first year, but they started running out of money in the second year. When they didn't have enough potential members to keep selling the two-year memberships, the country club's fortune took a nosedive.

Policy Peace Of Mind
Lecia and Manny couldn't believe they had to cancel their dream wedding on the day of the event. Not to mention they had already paid $25,000 to the facility as a deposit for its use and for catering services. Although they were disappointed, they felt fortunate. They were smart and had purchased wedding insurance from Wedsure. Because bankruptcy of a wedding facility and/or caterer is a covered cause of loss, the couple's Cancellation coverage kicked in and paid their loss. Lecia and Manny were reimbursed for all of their wedding expenses that had been paid prior to the cancellation. Happily, Lecia and Manny's wedding wasn't delayed for long. Within two months, the couple found a replacement venue, got married and lived happily ever after.

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Rainy Day Wedding Dress Replacement

Lori and Anthony were appreciative when Anthony's parents offered their oceanfront estate in California as accommodations for their bridal party. The view from the house was magnificent and the home had plenty of room for the bride, groom and all 12 attendants. As a bonus, the house was just five miles from the church and the reception venue.

Lori and her maid of honor, Julie, had the wedding schedule worked out to the last detail and the last minute. Nothing was going to be forgotten or delayed. Two days before the wedding, the girls picked up the Vera Wang wedding gown and the six bridesmaid dresses. All the dresses were silk and they were perfect.

Lori's future father-in-law directed them to hang all the gowns in the largest guestroom of house, where there was plenty of room and light for the girls to get dressed in on the wedding day. The girls both agreed that skylights in the room would provide the perfect light for doing hair and makeup.

Skylights Dampen Spirits
That evening, while everyone was out on the town for dinner and dancing, a small storm rolled through. No one gave the rain a second thought, as the storm had passed quickly and the wedding was to be indoors.

However, the next day, when Lori entered the guestroom where the dresses were stored, the entire house heard a scream. Rushing upstairs, Anthony quickly saw the problem. One of the skylights in the room had leaked during the storm and caused water damage to all of the dresses. Lori was devastated and thought the wedding would have to be canceled. Thinking fast, Anthony's parents called up their favorite drycleaner and asked for a priority job. The cleaners agreed and tried their best to restore the silk gowns, but the damage was too extensive.

Rainbow After The Storm
Fortunately, Lori, always the planner, had thought ahead and had purchased wedding insurance. The policy included Special Attire, Cancellation and Additional Expense coverage.

The $9,300 Vera Wang was covered, as well as the six $1,300 apiece bridesmaid dresses. The couple was reimbursed in full for the cost of the gowns. In addition, the policy paid the added cost of replacing the gowns on short notice. The girls were all able to commission last-minute dresses, so the wedding could go ahead as planned.

On the morning of the wedding, the sun was bright and Lori and her bridesmaids looked beautiful. And though the happily-married couple may always be wary of skylights when house hunting, they will always be thankful for Wedsure.

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