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Proof of insurance is often required when a wedding is held at a venue. Venues prefer Wedsure’s A+ Coverage. Wedsure Liability Insurance from $125 for $1 Million in coverage, provides the liability coverage venues require. Quote & Buy Wedding Liability Insurance up to the night before your event and get an instant Certificate of Insurance to show your venue.

Alabama Venues trust Wedsure Wedding Insurance.

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Two things you should know when planning a wedding

Weddings Get Cancelled

Caterers go bankrupt, event sites close down, severe storms and hurricanes close roads and airports, relatives get ill. Wedsure Insurance protects you in the event of cancellation or postponement for covered reasons.

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A Lot of Money at Stake

The average wedding runs from $15,000 to $30,000 in Alabama placing a lot of your money at stake. Get Wedsure Wedding Cancellation Insurance as low as $125 for all four wedding events. Why take chances with your big day?

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Wedsure has compiled a list of Alabama’s favorite cities chosen by our customers for their wedding locations! Alabama offers couples a variety of beautiful settings, from the historic charm of Mobile to the vibrant city life of Birmingham and the serene landscapes of Huntsville. Whether you’re dreaming of a classic Southern wedding, an elegant urban event, or a peaceful countryside gathering, Alabama provides plenty of options to celebrate your union.

Looking for more inspiration for your Alabama wedding? Check out our blog for some fantastic tips for your special day. Plus, Alabama is featured in our blog on Unique Wedding Destinations in the South for Weddings. The state of Alabama provides an array of options for couples to celebrate their love.


Urban Charm & Sophistication: Birmingham combines southern charm with urban sophistication, offering venues from historic iron foundries to chic, modern lofts.

Cultural Hotspot: With venues near the Birmingham Museum of Art or the Alabama Theatre, couples can add a unique cultural flair to their celebration.

Botanical Gardens: The Birmingham Botanical Gardens provide a lush, natural setting perfect for serene outdoor ceremonies and stunning photos.


Historic Elegance: Mobile’s rich history is reflected in its antebellum homes and historic downtown, offering a charming backdrop for weddings.

Waterfront Views: Situated on the Gulf Coast, Mobile offers idyllic waterfront venues that are perfect for a picturesque wedding.

Southern Hospitality: The warm, welcoming atmosphere of Mobile enhances any wedding with genuine Southern hospitality.


High-Tech Meets Nature: Huntsville, known for its space and technology sectors, also offers beautiful botanical gardens and nature preserves for weddings.

Museum Venues: Unique venues like the U.S. Space & Rocket Center provide an intriguing backdrop for couples looking for something out of the ordinary.

Downtown Charm: Huntsville’s revitalized downtown offers a blend of historic and modern venues within a vibrant setting.


Capital City Elegance: As Alabama’s capital, Montgomery offers grand governmental buildings and historic sites for a majestic wedding setting.

Riverfront Celebrations: The Riverwalk Stadium and other riverfront venues offer breathtaking views and a lively atmosphere.

Southern Plantations: Surrounding Montgomery are numerous plantations that provide a classic and stately Southern wedding experience.


Artist Village Charm: Fairhope’s artsy, quaint downtown area offers unique small-town charm, perfect for intimate, personalized weddings.

Bayfront Beauty: Venues overlooking Mobile Bay provide stunning sunset views, ideal for a romantic wedding backdrop.

Southern Gardens: Expansive gardens and estates around Fairhope offer beautiful outdoor settings filled with Southern flora.


College Town Vibes: Home to the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa combines youthful energy with traditional Southern architecture for a vibrant wedding scene.

River Views: Located along the Black Warrior River, Tuscaloosa offers scenic riverfront venues that captivate and charm.

Historic Venues: The city’s historic districts provide a timeless setting, with venues ranging from classic mansions to historic theaters.


Musical Heritage: Florence, with its rich musical history, offers a rhythmically soulful ambiance for weddings at studios or music halls.

Renaissance Charm: Florence’s Renaissance architecture and local art scenes provide a culturally rich setting for a unique wedding.

Riverfront Settings: Positioned on the Tennessee River, Florence offers lovely riverfront venues perfect for romantic ceremonies.


Beachfront Bliss: Orange Beach is ideal for stunning beach weddings with its white sands and clear blue waters creating a perfect tropical ambiance.

Resort Luxury: High-end resorts in Orange Beach provide all-inclusive wedding packages with luxurious amenities and breathtaking Gulf views.

Maritime Mood: For those who love the ocean, chartering yachts or holding ceremonies on piers offer an unforgettable nautical experience.


University Elegance: Auburn University’s campus provides an elegant backdrop with its historic buildings and lush green spaces.

Charming Small Town: Auburn’s small-town atmosphere is perfect for couples looking for a cozy, welcoming wedding experience.

Rural Retreats: Nearby countryside venues offer rustic barns and farm settings for a more laid-back, rustic wedding.


Mountain Retreat: Nestled atop Lookout Mountain, Mentone offers a tranquil, scenic setting for weddings with stunning mountain vistas.

Rustic Cabins and Lodges: Ideal for intimate gatherings, the cabins and lodges around Mentone provide a cozy, rustic feel amidst nature.

Waterfall Weddings: The natural waterfalls and forests around Mentone create a magical, serene environment for outdoor ceremonies.

Each of these Alabama cities provides unique characteristics and venues that can cater to a wide range of wedding styles and preferences, from urban sophistication to rustic charm.

Starting at just $125, Wedsure® Wedding Insurance provides Liability coverage that 99.9% of Alabama’s event venues require. Highly recommended by venues, our insurance is the preferred choice for a wedding or private event.

Did you know most event sites in Alabama require proof of $1 Million / $2 Million in liability coverage, and typically ask that you provide them with a Certificate of Liability Insurance with their facility listed as an Additional Insured?

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