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A coverage available with Cancellation Insurance. It pays up to 25 percent of the limit you select for Cancellation or Postponement insurance for any additional expenses necessary to arrange alternate services to avoid a covered cancellation or postponement of the wedding, private event, reception or related event.

This coverage pays for the nonrefundable expenses incurred when the event or honeymoon, must be canceled or postponed for reasons beyond your control. More …

Change of Heart coverage is an option available under Wedsure’s Cancellation & Postponement Insurance

Wedsure Change of Heart coverage protects those who fund the wedding.
A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, with a huge financial and emotional investment. Despite good intentions, occasionally, a bride or a groom gets cold feet and cancels the wedding. When this occurs, any money already spent or incurred on the event is lost.

When Change of Heart would apply
This coverage will repay expenses incurred by an innocent party financier, other than the bride or groom, if the wedding is canceled due to a Change of Heart by the bride or the groom, 365 days or more from the date of the first covered event.

When Change of Heart would not apply
If the wedding is canceled due to a Change of Heart by the bride or the groom, less than 365 days before the date of the first covered event or if the bride or groom are the financiers of the wedding, then Change of Heart coverage will not apply and the policy will not pay.

Wedsure, in partnership with Allianz, is the only wedding insurance policy in the world that offers this unique protection. Limited innocent party Change of Heart coverage is available in most states.

Gifts coverage pays to repair or replace gifts that are lost, stolen or damaged anywhere within the policy territory.

Host Liquor Liability is free with the purchase of Liability Insurance. This is a key wedding coverage, providing protection against bodily injury or property damage suits brought by parties injured as a result of an intoxicated guest who was served alcohol at an event you hosted.

Host Liquor Liability Example: At the wedding reception, you have a champagne toast and then serve alcohol to all of your guests of legal drinking age. If a guest became intoxicated, falls and hurts themselves while dancing on the dance floor or damages the venue, you may be sued for contributing to the intoxication of that guest. Host Liquor Liability insurance will respond and provide defense and judgment coverage in the event you are found legally responsible.

Jewelry coverage pays to repair or replace jewelry you own when it is lost, stolen or damaged anywhere within the policy territory.

Wedding Liability coverage provides liability protection for losses arising from alleged bodily injury and property damage. It also includes supplemental defense.

Liquor Liability covers you when you plan to sell alcohol at an event. Liquor Liability is available to purchase from another RVNA product website, Special Event

Loss of Deposits covers your paid lost deposits if they should become nonrefundable because someone you hired to provide goods or services went out of business.

This coverage pays reasonable medical expenses for each person who is injured during covered events from a covered cause of loss. This is an optional coverage available under Wedding Liability Insurance.

Photographs & Video coverage pays to retake the photographs or video recording if the photographer or videographer fails to appear, disappears after the wedding with your wedding pictures or video, or the pictures are lost, damaged or stolen.

Professional Counseling coverage pays for professional counseling prescribed by a medical physician and resulting from a covered cancellation

Property Damage Liability is included with Wedsure’s Liability coverage. Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover Property Damage Liability for any property in your care, custody or control or for any property that is occupied or used, leased or rented by you. Wedsure does!

Rented Property coverage pays to repair or replace items rented to facilitate the production of the wedding such as tents, marquees, tables, chairs, generators or portable toilets, to name a few.

Special Attire coverage pays to repair or replace the bridal gown, the mother of the bride’s gown and all other bridal party attire, if it is lost, stolen or damaged (including financial failure of the bridal store, tailor or seamstress) within the policy territory.

Important Definitions

A Certificate of Insurance details the type of insurance coverage you’ve purchased along with effective and expiration dates and coverage limits, and is one of the most common proof of insurance documents that venues request.

Most facilities require that an event holder/vendor add them as an Additional Insured on a Liability policy. The COI (Certificate of Insurance) provides proof that the facility/event site has been added to the policy as an Additional Insured. In addition, sometimes caterers, officiants, and rental companies also require to be added as additional insured.

Unlimited Additional Insureds can be added free of charge to your Event Liability policy at the time of purchase, or after purchase using RVNA’s online policy management system.

An Admitted Insurance Company is one that is authorized by the State in which it conducts business to sell insurance. These carriers must meet the requirements of financial integrity set by their State and are regulated by the State Department of Insurance.

Every Insurance Company is given a rating so that consumers and agent’s can readily identify the financial strength, solvency and the company’s ability to pay claims. An A+ rating denotes a carrier that meets the highest standards of financial strength and solvency.

As defined by the insurance policy, Bodily Injury is any physical injury, disease, or death that happens to one or more people.

A Certificate of Insurance is a form documenting proof of Liability Insurance. Sometimes referred to as an Acord form or COI it summarizes the benefits of the insurance policy, displays the limits of your policy, and acts as proof of Liability insurance. Most event sites will request this prior to your event date as proof you have the required Liability Insurance to hold the event. We offer Certificates of Liability Insurance with every Liability policy and Additional Insured.

More about RVNA’s Acord Certificates of Insurance

A request made by the insured for payment due to a covered loss incurred under the policy agreement.

A page in the insurance policy that describes who is the Named Insured, what is insured, and the limits of insurance provided by the insurance policy.

An amendment or rider to a policy adjusting the coverages and taking precedence over the general contract.

A licensed individual who represents a client in quoting, purchasing and servicing an insurance policy for a commission or fee.

An insurance carrier, or insurance company, is a company that does business selling insurance policies and adjusting insurance claims. Many carriers transact business through an Insurance Broker or Agent.

The limit of insurance is the maximum limit an insurance policy will pay when there is a claim. The limit of insurance can be the maximum amount paid per person, per occurrence (accident), per claims-made, or aggregate (maximum amount paid in total by the policy).

The person or organization that holds the insurance policy and who is the primary insured on the insurance policy.

A written contract between an insurance company and an insured detailing the insuring agreement, who and what is insured, and the contractual terms and conditions.

The process by which an insurance company examines risk and determines whether the insurer will accept the risk or not, classifies those accepted and determines the appropriate rate for coverage provided.

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