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Weddings held at a venue or event location usually require proof of insurance with a minimum of $1 Million in liability insurance. Wedsure® Wedding Insurance works with venues in California to provide the liability coverage venues require. Wedsure offers an instant Certificate of Insurance listing the venue as an Additional Insured.

California Venues recommend Wedsure because they know they can trust our wedding insurance.

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Two things you should know when planning a wedding

Weddings Get Cancelled

Caterers go bankrupt, event sites close down, storms close roads and airports, relatives get ill. Wedsure Insurance protects you in the event of cancellation or postponement for covered reasons.

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A Lot of Money at Stake

The average wedding runs $29,000 placing a lot of your money at stake. Get Wedsure Wedding Cancellation Insurance as low as $125 for all four wedding events. Why take chances with your big day?

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View California’s most popular cities wedding insurance customers selected for their wedding location. Choosing the best wedding location for your wedding depends on the type of wedding you envision, your personal preferences, and your budget. California is one of the most popular wedding locations because it offers a variety of beautiful locations for weddings, ranging from breathtaking coastal settings to picturesque vineyards, stunning deserts, and snowy mountains. Take a look at what makes each wedding location in California special.


Vineyard Romance: Napa Valley is synonymous with romance amid vineyards. Couples can exchange vows surrounded by rolling hills of grapevines and picturesque wineries.

Luxurious Estates: The region boasts opulent estates and charming bed-and-breakfasts, providing an elegant and upscale atmosphere for weddings.

Culinary Delights: Renowned for its world-class cuisine and wines, Napa Valley offers couples the chance to treat guests to exceptional culinary experiences.


Mediterranean Charm: Santa Barbara’s architecture reflects a Mediterranean influence, offering white stucco buildings, red-tiled roofs, and lush greenery, creating a timeless and romantic ambiance.

Coastal and Mountainous Blend: Couples can choose from venues that showcase the city’s coastal beauty or opt for a mountainous backdrop, providing a diverse range of wedding settings.

Stunning Beaches: With pristine beaches along the Pacific Ocean, Santa Barbara provides a dreamy locale for beach weddings and sunset ceremonies.


Iconic Landmarks: San Francisco is a city of landmarks, and couples can choose venues that showcase iconic spots like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, or historic buildings.

Urban Elegance: The city offers a mix of historic and modern venues, combining urban sophistication with breathtaking views of the bay.

Diverse Venue Options: Whether opting for a chic city loft, a historic ballroom, or a waterfront location, San Francisco caters to a wide range of wedding styles.


Scenic Coastline: Malibu’s coastline is synonymous with pristine beaches, scenic cliffs, and stunning ocean views, providing a romantic setting for beach weddings.

Upscale Estates: The area features upscale estates and private properties, allowing couples to host luxurious and intimate celebrations.

Spectacular Sunsets: Known for its breathtaking sunsets over the Pacific, Malibu offers a natural backdrop that enhances the romance of any wedding.


Wine Country Charm: Similar to Napa Valley, Sonoma provides a rustic and laid-back wine country atmosphere, ideal for couples seeking a relaxed yet elegant setting.

Rolling Hills: The region’s rolling hills and vineyard-covered landscapes create a picturesque and tranquil environment for wedding celebrations.

Charming Towns: Sonoma’s charming towns, with their historic plazas and artisanal shops, add to the region’s appeal for couples and their guests.


Urban Glamour: Los Angeles offers diverse wedding venues, from glamorous Hollywood locales to trendy urban spaces, providing couples with a range of options.

Cultural Variety: Couples can choose venues that reflect the city’s cultural richness, with options ranging from historic theaters to contemporary art galleries.

Beachside Vibes: For those seeking a beachside ceremony, LA’s coastal areas, such as Santa Monica and Malibu, offer a laid-back and scenic setting.


Fairytale Atmosphere: Carmel-by-the-Sea exudes fairytale charm with its storybook-like ambiance, cobblestone streets, and enchanting cottages.

Ocean Views: The town’s proximity to the Pacific Ocean allows for oceanfront weddings, where couples can exchange vows with the sound of waves in the background.

Intimate Settings: Carmel provides an intimate setting for weddings, making it an ideal destination for couples seeking a romantic and private celebration.


Secluded Elegance: Big Sur offers a secluded and majestic setting for couples desiring an intimate wedding surrounded by the beauty of redwood forests and rugged coastlines.

Nature’s Grandeur: The region’s dramatic cliffs, panoramic ocean views, and towering redwoods create a natural grandeur that enhances the sense of romance and adventure.

Intimate Retreats: Big Sur features intimate retreats and luxury resorts that cater to couples looking for an exclusive and nature-inspired celebration.


Alpine Beauty: Lake Tahoe provides a stunning alpine backdrop with its crystal-clear lake and majestic mountains, creating a picturesque setting for outdoor ceremonies.

Year-Round Appeal: Whether surrounded by blooming wildflowers in the summer or snow-covered landscapes in the winter, Lake Tahoe’s beauty is enchanting throughout the year.

Outdoor Adventure: Couples and their guests can enjoy outdoor activities, turning the wedding celebration into a memorable and adventurous experience.


Desert Elegance: Palm Springs is known for its desert landscapes, mid-century modern architecture, and upscale resorts, offering a chic and stylish backdrop for weddings.

Luxury Resorts: The city boasts luxury resorts and boutique hotels with stunning poolside venues, making it an ideal location for sophisticated and glamorous celebrations.

Year-Round Sunshine: With its abundant sunshine, Palm Springs is a popular choice for couples seeking warm weather and outdoor festivities.

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