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Weddings held at a venue or event location usually require proof of insurance with a minimum of $1 Million in liability insurance. Wedsure® Wedding Insurance works with venues in Connecticut to provide the liability coverage venues require. Wedsure offers an instant Certificate of Insurance listing the venue as an Additional Insured.

Connecticut Venues recommend Wedsure because they know they can trust our wedding insurance.

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View some of Connecticut’s most popular cities Wedsure© Wedding Insurance customers selected for their wedding location. Connecticut’s cities and towns offer couples a wide range of event settings, from the coastal elegance of Greenwich to the historic charm of New Haven. Whether seeking a luxurious affair, a seaside celebration, or a rustic retreat, Connecticut provides an array of options for creating lasting wedding memories.


Affluent Elegance: Greenwich, known for its affluent community, offers upscale venues, historic estates, and waterfront locations for luxurious and sophisticated weddings.

Mansion Celebrations: Couples can choose from historic mansions or lavish country clubs, surrounded by manicured gardens and scenic landscapes, creating an opulent atmosphere.

Harbor Views: With its proximity to Long Island Sound, Greenwich provides venues with harbor views and a coastal charm for memorable celebrations.


Academic Ambiance: New Haven, home to Yale University, offers an academic ambiance with historic architecture, libraries, and courtyards for unique and cultured weddings.

Artistic Spaces: Couples can explore venues in the city’s art districts, with galleries, theaters, and modern spaces providing an artistic and contemporary backdrop.

Historic Charm: New Haven’s historic district, featuring 17th and 18th Century buildings, adds a touch of old-world charm to wedding celebrations.


Corporate Chic: Stamford, a corporate hub, offers modern and chic venues, high-rise hotels, and waterfront spaces for couples seeking a contemporary and urban atmosphere.

Waterside Weddings: The city’s proximity to Long Island Sound allows for waterfront weddings with views of the harbor, creating a nautical and elegant setting.

Cityscape Backdrop: Stamford’s skyline provides a sophisticated backdrop, with rooftop venues and sleek ballrooms for couples desiring a cosmopolitan celebration.


Capital City Grandeur: Hartford, the capital city, offers couples grand venues, historic landmarks, and cultural institutions for weddings with a regal and elegant feel.

Riverfront Celebrations: Venues along the Connecticut River provide scenic river views and a picturesque setting for ceremonies and receptions.

Cultural Heritage: Hartford’s cultural heritage, including the Mark Twain House and the Wadsworth Atheneum, adds historic and artistic elements to wedding celebrations.


Seaside Charm: Mystic, situated on the Mystic River, provides a coastal and charming setting with maritime influences, making it an ideal destination for nautical-themed weddings.

Historic Seaport Venues: Couples can choose from historic seaport venues, waterfront inns, and quaint churches, creating a romantic and picturesque atmosphere.

Mystical Gardens: Mystic’s gardens and parks offer couples serene and natural settings for outdoor ceremonies, surrounded by lush greenery and historic charm.


Artistic Community: Westport, known for its artistic community, offers venues with a blend of sophistication and bohemian charm, providing couples with unique and eclectic options.

Equestrian Elegance: The city’s upscale estates and country clubs provide an equestrian-inspired backdrop, with rolling hills and elegant ballrooms for refined celebrations.

Beachside Retreat: Westport’s proximity to the Long Island Sound allows couples to explore beachside venues, creating a serene and coastal atmosphere.


Coastal Bliss: Fairfield, located on the Long Island Sound, offers coastal venues, beachfront locations, and waterfront estates for couples seeking a relaxed and beachy ambiance.

University Town Vibes: Fairfield’s university town atmosphere adds a youthful energy to weddings, with options for garden ceremonies and stylish receptions.

Historic Landmarks: Couples can choose venues in the town’s historic district, featuring colonial-era homes and charming streets, for weddings with a touch of history.


Maritime Sophistication: Norwalk, with its maritime history, provides couples with waterfront venues, yacht clubs, and seaside inns, creating a sophisticated and nautical atmosphere.

Modern Wharf Venues: The city’s trendy developments along the Norwalk River allow couples to explore modern wharf venues with waterfront views and urban chic.

Culinary Experiences: Norwalk’s diverse culinary scene adds a gourmet touch to weddings, with options for farm-to-table experiences and creative catering.


Natural Retreat: Danbury, surrounded by parks and nature reserves, offers couples a natural retreat with venues featuring gardens, lakeside settings, and wooded landscapes.

Rustic Charm: Couples can choose from rustic barn venues, country clubs, and historic estates, providing a charming and bucolic atmosphere for weddings.

Arboretum Weddings: Danbury’s arboretum and botanical gardens offer couples botanical beauty and outdoor spaces for ceremonies surrounded by lush flora.


College Town Culture: Middletown, home to Wesleyan University, offers a college town atmosphere with venues in historic districts, parks, and cultural institutions.

Riverfront Celebrations: Venues along the Connecticut River provide scenic river views and a tranquil setting for outdoor ceremonies and waterfront receptions.

Historic Elegance: Middletown’s historic homes and landmarks provide couples with options for elegant and timeless celebrations with a touch of colonial heritage.


The best wedding insurance for Connecticut stars with Liability Insurance, which most venues require. Cancellation Insurance is also an option, which protects you when you have to postpone or cancel your wedding. A Wedsure Wedding Insurance policy can be purchased for as low as $125. Wedsure offers nine optional coverages to tailor your insurance to your Connecticut wedding.

Wedsure offers Liability from $1 Million up to $5 Million in coverage. Wedsure liability includes Certificates of Liability Insurance which most venues require.

Email or Print your Certificate of Liability Insurance in minutes.

Wedsure’s Liability Policy can be purchased online anytime day or night, up to 24 hours prior to your event. Our online quoting system walks you through each step, including adding an Additional Insured, and instantly generates your policy.

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Two things you should know when planning a wedding

Weddings Get Cancelled

Caterers go bankrupt, event sites close down, storms close roads and airports, relatives get ill. Wedsure Insurance protects you in the event of cancellation or postponement for covered reasons.

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A Lot of Money at Stake

The average wedding runs $29,000 placing a lot of your money at stake. Get Wedsure Wedding Cancellation Insurance as low as $125 for all four wedding events. Why take chances with your big day?

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