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Planning to tie the knot at a Georgia venue or event location? Most Georgia venues need proof of insurance with at least $1 Million in liability coverage. That’s where Wedsure® Wedding Insurance comes in – we’ve got you covered! We work closely with Georgia venues to ensure you meet their liability requirements.

Plus, we make it hassle-free by offering an instant Certificate of Insurance that lists the venue as an Additional Insured.

Georgia venues recommend Wedsure because they trust our wedding insurance to keep your special day worry-free.

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Two things you should know when planning a wedding in Georgia

Weddings Get Cancelled

With the average Georgia wedding running $26,000 why take chances with your big day? Caterers go bankrupt, event sites close down, storms close roads and airports, relatives get ill. Need to cancel or postpone your event? Wedsure Cancellation can help.

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A Lot of Money at Stake

While you can’t stop bad weather, Wedsure’s budget-friendly wedding cancellation insurance can ease the stress. Starting as low as $125, a Wedsure Cancellation Insurance policy helps you relax and concentrate on creating memories to last a lifetime.

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Wondering what some of Georgia’s premier wedding destinations are? Check out Wedsure’s customers’ top choices for their special day.

When it comes to picking the perfect wedding location, it’s all about personal taste, your dream wedding vision, and your budget. Wedsure customers love Georgia for their wedding because the state offers a wide variety of settings, from the timeless charm of Savannah to the metropolitan flair of Atlanta. Whether you’re dreaming of a Southern love story, a scenic riverside party, or a mountain getaway, Georgia has something special for every couple to create unforgettable wedding memories.


Southern Urban Elegance: Atlanta, the vibrant capital, offers couples a mix of Southern charm and urban sophistication with venues ranging from historic mansions to modern skyscrapers.

Botanical Bliss: The Atlanta Botanical Garden and other green spaces provide couples with lush settings for outdoor ceremonies, surrounded by blooming flowers and scenic landscapes.

Historic Districts: Couples can explore historic districts like Inman Park and Grant Park for venues with a touch of old-world charm and unique architectural character.


Historic Southern Romance: Savannah, with its cobblestone streets and antebellum architecture, offers couples a historic Southern romance with venues in charming squares and along the scenic waterfront.

Moss-Draped Oak Trees: The city’s iconic moss-draped oak trees provide a romantic canopy for outdoor ceremonies, creating an enchanting and timeless atmosphere.

Riverfront Weddings: Couples can choose venues along the Savannah River for picturesque waterfront celebrations with a view of passing riverboats.


College Town Vibe: Athens, home to the University of Georgia, offers couples a college town vibe with historic buildings, gardens, and venues showcasing a blend of sophistication and youthful energy.

Gardens and Estates: Couples can explore botanical gardens and historic estates for weddings surrounded by manicured lawns, gardens, and classic Southern architecture.

Live Music Scene: Athens’ reputation as a music hub adds a lively touch to weddings, with venues featuring local bands and a vibrant cultural scene.


Southern Heritage: Macon, known for its Southern heritage, offers couples venues with antebellum charm, historic homes, and plantation settings for weddings steeped in tradition.

Cherry Blossom Festival: In the spring, Macon hosts the International Cherry Blossom Festival, creating a picturesque backdrop for weddings with blooming cherry trees.

Riverside Celebrations: Couples can choose venues along the Ocmulgee River for scenic riverfront ceremonies and receptions surrounded by nature.


Golf and Gardens: Augusta, famous for the Masters Tournament, provides couples with venues featuring golf course views, elegant clubhouses, and botanical gardens for romantic celebrations.

Savannah River Scenery: Augusta’s proximity to the Savannah River allows couples to explore riverside venues with a serene and natural backdrop for outdoor ceremonies.

Southern Hospitality: Augusta’s Southern hospitality adds a warm and welcoming atmosphere to weddings, with options for traditional and gracious celebrations.


Riverfront Sophistication: Columbus, situated along the Chattahoochee River, offers couples riverfront venues, parks, and modern spaces for weddings with a touch of Southern sophistication.

Historic Mills: Couples can explore historic mills and warehouses transformed into chic venues, providing an industrial yet elegant backdrop for weddings.

Outdoor Adventure Venues: Columbus’ outdoor adventure scene adds a unique touch, with venues featuring river views, parks, and gardens for nature-inspired celebrations.


Suburban Chic: Alpharetta, a suburb of Atlanta, provides couples with suburban chic venues, upscale estates, and golf clubs for sophisticated and stylish weddings.

Tech Hub Elegance: The city’s proximity to technology hubs adds a modern and innovative flair to weddings, with venues offering contemporary amenities and stylish spaces.

Green Spaces: Alpharetta’s green spaces and parks allow couples to choose venues with outdoor settings, creating a refreshing and natural atmosphere.


Historic Roswell Charm: Roswell, with its historic district, offers couples venues featuring antebellum homes, gardens, and charming streetscapes for weddings with timeless elegance.

Riverside Weddings: Venues along the Chattahoochee River provide scenic riverfront settings, creating a tranquil and romantic ambiance for outdoor ceremonies.

Quaint Downtown Atmosphere: Roswell’s quaint downtown area adds a cozy and welcoming atmosphere to weddings, with local shops and eateries enhancing the charm of celebrations.


North Georgia Mountains: Dahlonega, nestled in the North Georgia Mountains, offers couples mountainous settings, vineyard venues, and rustic charm for weddings with a natural and scenic backdrop.

Winery Celebrations: Couples can explore wineries and vineyards for intimate and picturesque celebrations, with views of rolling hills and grapevines.

Historic Gold Rush Heritage: Dahlonega’s historic gold rush heritage adds a touch of history to weddings, with venues featuring historic buildings and a quaint mountain-town atmosphere.


Beachside Bliss: Tybee Island, located near Savannah, provides couples with beachside venues, oceanfront settings, and a relaxed island atmosphere for coastal and romantic celebrations.

Lighthouse Views: The island’s iconic lighthouse and scenic coastline create a picturesque backdrop for outdoor ceremonies and beach weddings.

Island Getaway: Tybee Island offers a getaway feel for couples seeking a destination wedding experience without venturing too far from the mainland.


Wedsure’s Wedding Liability meets the requirements of 99.9% of venues. From just $125, Wedsure wedding insurance is a favorite among Georgia venues.

Most event sites require Proof of $1 Million / $2 Million in liability coverage (and some require a larger policy). Georgia venues also request a Certificate of Insurance that has their facility listed as an Additional Insured. Wedsure offers instant Certificates and can email it directly to your venue.

Email or Print a Certificate of Insurance in minutes

With Wedsure, you can quote and buy a policy online in minutes all the way up to 24 hours prior to your event. Just click to quote, customize the coverage you need, and buy instantly. Our system walks you through adding an additional insured too!

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