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Avoid last-minute wedding insurance panic! Get the venue-required coverage you need in minutes for your Illinois Wedding. Wedsure offers instant liability protection and satisfies even the strictest Illinois venues. Plus, our instant Certificate of Insurance lets you check this off your to-do list fast!

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Two things you should know when planning a wedding in Illinois

Weddings Get Cancelled

From Chicago’s unpredictable blizzards to severe Illinois storms, extreme weather can wreak havoc on your wedding day. Caterers go bankrupt, venues unexpectedly shut down, and a flooded road on the Loop could prevent your guests from arriving. Wedsure Cancellation protects your investment when you must cancel or postpone your event for covered reasons.

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A Lot of Money at Stake

Illinois weddings are a major investment, with Chicago weddings averaging $45,000 – $55,000. Don’t leave your special day vulnerable to unexpected events. Wedsure Wedding Insurance covers your shower, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception for as low as $125 and offers coverages including Liability, Cancellation, Special Attire, Jewelry, and more.

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Imagine saying “I do” at a stunning Chicago rooftop overlooking the city skyline, or exchanging vows amidst the lush greenery of Rockford’s botanic gardens. Whether you envision a riverside ceremony in Springfield or a suburban celebration, Illinois offers a variety of romantic venues to make your special day unforgettable. Wedsure Wedding Insurance gives you peace of mind no matter your Illinois wedding venue, from bustling Chicago ballrooms to charming Springfield gardens. Find your dream location and get a Wedsure quote today!


Urban Elegance: Chicago, the bustling metropolis, offers couples a blend of urban sophistication and lakeside charm with iconic skyline views, historic venues, and modern spaces.

Lakefront Backdrop: Weddings in Chicago can feature Lake Michigan as a stunning backdrop, providing couples with scenic waterfront venues for ceremonies and receptions.

Architectural Diversity: Couples can choose from a variety of architectural styles, including Art Deco, modern skyscrapers, and historic landmarks, adding diversity to wedding venue options.


Historic Capital Charm: Springfield, the state capital, offers couples venues with historic charm, including landmarks associated with Abraham Lincoln, providing a touch of nostalgia and significance.

Gardens and Estates: Couples can explore gardens and historic estates for weddings surrounded by greenery, elegant landscapes, and a sense of timeless beauty.

Government District Venues: Springfield’s government district adds a distinguished atmosphere to weddings, with venues near the State Capitol and historic government buildings.


Riverfront Romance: Peoria, situated along the Illinois River, provides couples with riverfront venues, parks, and modern spaces for weddings with a touch of urban romance.

Historic Warehouse District: Couples can explore the historic warehouse district for venues with industrial charm, brick facades, and unique architectural features.

Cultural Venues: Peoria’s cultural venues, including museums and theaters, offer couples artistic and stylish spaces for ceremonies and receptions.


Suburban Elegance: Naperville, a suburb of Chicago, offers couples suburban elegance with upscale venues, picturesque parks, and historic landmarks for stylish and sophisticated weddings.

Riverwalk Celebrations: Naperville’s Riverwalk provides a scenic backdrop for outdoor ceremonies and riverside receptions, adding a touch of natural beauty to wedding celebrations.

Historic District Atmosphere: Couples can choose venues in Naperville’s historic district, featuring charming streets, boutique shops, and classic architecture.


City of Gardens: Rockford, known as the City of Gardens, offers couples botanical beauty with venues featuring lush greenery, floral landscapes, and outdoor settings for romantic weddings.

Riverfront Venues: Couples can explore riverfront venues along the Rock River, providing scenic views and a serene atmosphere for outdoor ceremonies and receptions.

Arts and Culture: Rockford’s arts and cultural scene adds a creative flair to weddings, with venues in the city’s cultural districts and artistic spaces.


University Town Sophistication: Evanston, home to Northwestern University, offers couples a university town atmosphere with historic campuses, gardens, and venues featuring a blend of sophistication and youthful energy.

Lakefront Celebrations: Evanston’s proximity to Lake Michigan allows couples to choose lakeside venues, providing breathtaking views and a refreshing atmosphere for outdoor weddings.

Cultural Venues: The city’s cultural venues, including theaters and galleries, offer couples artistic and stylish spaces for ceremonies and receptions.


City of Lights Elegance: Aurora, known as the City of Lights, offers couples elegant venues, historic theaters, and riverfront spaces for weddings with a touch of theatrical charm.

Fox River Views: Couples can choose venues along the Fox River for scenic riverfront celebrations, with options for outdoor ceremonies and waterside receptions.

Historic Downtown Atmosphere: Aurora’s historic downtown adds a charming and welcoming atmosphere to weddings, with venues in historic buildings and quaint streets.


University Town Vibes: Champaign-Urbana, home to the University of Illinois, offers couples a university town ambiance with historic campuses, gardens, and venues featuring both elegance and youthful energy.

Prairie and Park Settings: Couples can explore venues surrounded by prairies and parks, providing natural beauty and outdoor spaces for ceremonies and receptions.

Cultural and Performing Arts: Champaign-Urbana’s cultural and performing arts scene adds a creative touch to weddings, with venues in the city’s artistic districts and theaters.


Historic Industrial Charm: Joliet, with its historic industrial past, offers couples venues with warehouse charm, brick facades, and unique architectural features for weddings with an industrial edge.

Riverfront Celebrations: Couples can explore riverfront venues along the Des Plaines River, providing scenic views and a tranquil atmosphere for outdoor ceremonies and receptions.

Route 66 Nostalgia: Joliet’s connection to Route 66 adds a touch of nostalgia to weddings, with venues along the historic highway featuring a blend of history and modernity.


Historic Heritage: Elgin, with its historic district, offers couples venues featuring Victorian architecture, charming streets, and a sense of timeless beauty for weddings with historic flair.

Riverfront Venues: Couples can choose riverfront venues along the Fox River, providing scenic views and a serene atmosphere for outdoor ceremonies and waterside receptions.

Cultural Diversity: Elgin’s cultural diversity adds a unique touch to weddings, with venues reflecting the city’s rich heritage and artistic influences.


For as low as $125, Wedsure Wedding Insurance® offers the exact Liability policy that 99.9% of Illinois’ Event Sites require. Venues Love our Insurance and recommend it.

Most event sites require Proof of $1 Million / $2 Million in liability coverage (some may require a larger policy). In addition, most ask that you provide them with a Certificate of Liability Insurance with their facility listed as an Additional Insured.

Email or Print your Certificate of Liability Insurance in minutes.

Wedsure’s Liability Policy can be purchased online anytime day or night, up to 24 hours prior to your event. Our online quoting system walks you through each step, including adding an Additional Insured, and instantly generates your policy.

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