A Savvy Solution For The Salsa Surprise

A Savvy Solution For The Salsa Surprise

When planning a wedding, most couples spend the majority of their time interviewing a crowd of caterers, searching for the right location, and selecting the best flowers and decorations. Not Grant and Grace – they breezed through those decisions, and thankfully so. The couple needed to focus all their extra time on the choreographed wedding party dance they were planning as entertainment for the reception.

Grace and Grant loved to dance and so did their friends. They spent months putting together funky and fun choreography to a remix of rocking tunes. The 15-minute dance ensemble included the stomp, the cha-cha slide, the Macarena, and variations of the salsa. The whole wedding party was in on it – even the bride and groom’s parents.

Salsa Surprise
Needless to say, the surprise performance was a hit! The bridal party rocked the reception and when the dance concluded, the wedding guests exploded onto the dance floor. The couple’s choreographed moves spread like wildfire. Guests were sliding all over the ballroom and everyone was having a great time. Suddenly, the festivities came to a screeching halt. Rachel, a guest, fell to the floor in pain when another guest twirled and slipped right into her. A hard fall was the last thing this 67-year-old woman needed. She was in agonizing pain and couldn’t get up. After being transported by ambulance to the hospital, she learned that both hips were broken and needed replacement to a tune of $235,000! Rachel’s health insurance required her to sue the wedding couple for reimbursement, since the injury was caused by their event.

The Savvy Solution
Grace and Grant were shocked by the lawsuit. Fortunately, Grace had previously purchased a wedding insurance policy from Wedsure that included Liability protection. She called and was relieved to learn that the loss would be covered.

Rachel was relieved too. Now she could focus her efforts on healing, not on the associated expenses. In the end, it was the surprise wedding party performance (not Rachel’s injury) that everyone remembered!

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