Rainy Day Wedding Dress Replacement

Wedding Liability Cancellation Coverage

Lori and Anthony were appreciative when Anthony’s parents offered their oceanfront estate in California as accommodations for their bridal party. The view from the house was magnificent and the home had plenty of room for the bride, groom and all 12 attendants. As a bonus, the house was just five miles from the church and the reception venue.

Lori and her maid of honor, Julie, had the wedding schedule worked out to the last detail and the last minute. Nothing was going to be forgotten or delayed. Two days before the wedding, the girls picked up the Vera Wang wedding gown and the six bridesmaid dresses. All the dresses were silk and they were perfect.

Lori’s future father-in-law directed them to hang all the gowns in the largest guestroom of house, where there was plenty of room and light for the girls to get dressed in on the wedding day. The girls both agreed that skylights in the room would provide the perfect light for doing hair and makeup.

Skylights Dampen Spirits

That evening, while everyone was out on the town for dinner and dancing, a small storm rolled through. No one gave the rain a second thought, as the storm had passed quickly and the wedding was to be indoors.

However, the next day, when Lori entered the guestroom where the dresses were stored, the entire house heard a scream. Rushing upstairs, Anthony quickly saw the problem. One of the skylights in the room had leaked during the storm and caused water damage to all of the dresses. Lori was devastated and thought the wedding would have to be canceled. Thinking fast, Anthony’s parents called up their favorite drycleaner and asked for a priority job. The cleaners agreed and tried their best to restore the silk gowns, but the damage was too extensive.

Rainbow After The Storm

Fortunately, Lori, always the planner, had thought ahead and had purchased wedding insurance. The policy included Special Attire, Cancellation and Additional Expense coverage.

The $9,300 Vera Wang was covered, as well as the six $1,300 apiece bridesmaid dresses. The couple was reimbursed in full for the cost of the gowns. In addition, the policy paid the added cost of replacing the gowns on short notice. The girls were all able to commission last-minute dresses, so the wedding could go ahead as planned.

On the morning of the wedding, the sun was bright and Lori and her bridesmaids looked beautiful. And though the happily-married couple may always be wary of skylights when house hunting, they will always be thankful for Wedsure.

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