Top 10 Things to Know Before Shopping for Wedding Dresses

There comes a time in every bride-to-be’s planning where they begin their search for THE dress. We here at Wedsure want to share a few tips to make the wedding dress shopping much more enjoyable for not only the bride, but all those involved in this special experience.

1. Hangry Shopping = No Fun Shopping

You may be tempted to skip a meal before squeezing in to your potential dream gown but this is a big mistake! Be sure to eat a decent breakfast before starting your dress hunt because trying on wedding gowns can be both a physically and emotionally draining experience.

2. Choose Your Entourage Wisely

Most bridal shops are happy to have you and a few guests join you for your appointment, not your entire group of friends. This may seem like a bummer but it is not! Room is usually scarce and while a few trusted opinions are wonderful, too many can lead to fear of making the wrong choice.

3. Glam Up Your Everyday Makeup

Buying a wedding dress is not an everyday thing so why do your makeup like it is? Wearing a touch more makeup than your usual amount to the appointment will help you look more like you will on the big day and thus make it easier to say yes to your dream dress.

4. Be Prepared To Get (Partially) Naked

Fact: Your bridal consultant will likely see you naked. Because wedding dresses are so delicate and ornate, your bridal consultant will likely want to help you in and out of each gown. We suggest wearing undergarments you don’t mind someone else seeing (ie. a strapless bra and nude color boy-shorts). If you’d rather not have your consultant help you in your less clothed state, not a problem! Just be sure to speak up from the get-go.

5. Have Faith In Your Bridal Consultant

She may be older, she may be single, but she wouldn’t be a bridal consultant if she wasn’t qualified! Keep in mind during your appointment that your consultant has likely seen hundreds (maybe thousands!) of brides with varying shapes try various dresses on every day. Be sure to let her know your dress likes and dislikes but be open to her suggestions. Who knows? You may end up with one of her picks in the end.

6. Don’t Let Bridal Dress Sizes Freak You Out

Don’t be scared. You don’t need to go on an immediate diet or enroll in bridal boot camp when the consultant tells you what size dress you are in bridal. Wedding gown sizes are not like regular sizes. If you wear an 8 in your favorite dress, you’ll likely wear a 12 or 14 wedding dress on your big day. The key thing is focus on how you look and feel in the dress rather than the number on the tag.

7. Give the styles you don’t like a chance

You may surprise yourself by choosing something completely different than what you had in mind, or trying on a dress that your mother, soon to be mother-in-law, or grandmother thinks is “the one” could lead you to an unlikely choice. Remember, this is a special occasion for not just you, but also those attending your appointment with you so be kind and humor them a bit.

8. Another bride may be wearing YOUR dress

Newsflash: You are not the only bride planning a Summer wedding so there is definitely a chance you may see someone wearing your “dream dress” and feel the need to try it on RIGHT. THAT. MINUTE. If this bridezilla feeling takes over, take a deep breath and play nice. What does that mean? It means share the mirrors, pedestals, and the stunning wedding dresses.

9. Don’t Just Stand There!

Of course there will be many long standing moments at your wedding but there will likely be even more moments of sitting, dancing, mingling, and more! If you think the dress you have on may be “The One,” take a strut around the salon, sit in a chair, and even practice your dance moves (make sure that dress will hold up and stay up during your favorite dance song!).

10. You might cry (or not)

Every bride, and bride’s entourage for that matter, reacts differently when it comes to finding the dress of dreams. Don’t put pressure on yourself (or your entourage) to react a certain way when it comes to saying yes to the dress. You may cry, you may not. Your consultant may give you champagne, they may not. Just because things may not go like they do in the movies doesn’t mean you didn’t pick the perfect dress for your big day.

Extra Tip: It Doesn’t Hurt To Ask!

Ask about alteration costs. Ask about any discounts, upcoming trunk sales, special rates for bridesmaids, etc. You can’t get if you don’t ask and asking can get you lots when it comes to wedding dress shopping.

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