2014 Wedding Dress Trend: Long is out, Short is in

“How long is that train?”
“Watch out! Don’t step on the dress.”

These are just a few common phrases heard at past weddings in regards to a bride’s dress but in 2014, a new trend is putting an end to comments like these and throwing tradition to the wind.

According to a recent article from the NY Daily News, an increasing number of brides are saying goodbye to traditional long, sometimes bulky gowns, and opting for higher hemlines to show off their legs in short wedding dresses.

The short wedding dress trend has been embraced by not just everyday brides but celebrities as well. Celebrity brides like Natalie Portman, Keira Knightly, and Olivia Palermo broke tradition with unconventional lengths and cuts on their big days.

In addition to celebrity and everyday brides, designers are also taking notice of the short wedding dress trend.

Designer Zac Posen was quoted by the NY Daily News about his opinion and fondness for short wedding dresses.

“I love how the lines on a knee-length wedding dress embrace the body and make the woman look sophisticated yet sexy,” says Posen. “It’s as flattering as a cocktail dress, but maintains the refinement that is often called for in a wedding gown.”

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