Is Cannabis The New Champagne At Weddings?

More and more, couples in states where marijuana is legal are making Mary Jane a part of their wedding day celebrations, according to Julia Wright at Civilized.

While a cannabis wedding would’ve been unthinkable just a few short years ago, now it’s not only possible to incorporate cannabis into a couple’s nuptials, it’s a bonafide wedding trend.

Pinterest and Instagram are brimming with images from real-life weed-friendly ceremonies, like those held at The Cannabis Chapel in Las Vegas. There are bridal bouquets and groom’s boutonnieres accented with buds, centerpieces featuring the five-petal leaves, and bohemian-style tents designated as smoking areas.

A study published by an American Medical Association journal in December 2015 found the percentage of U.S. adults who had tried marijuana in the past year increased by more than double, from 4.1 percent to 9.5 percent, over a recent 10-year period.

420 Bride and Grooms generally look to weed as an alternative to alcohol, but they don’t have to choose between the two.

“Alcohol is [legally] allowed to be served alongside cannabis, but I wouldn’t recommend mixing the two,” said Andrew Mieure, the founder of Top Shelf Budtending.

“I think, personally, weed is a safer alternative to alcohol, and it costs about the same as an open bar. A little bit of weed goes a long way,” stated Mieure. A budtender’s job is also to make sure the guests don’t get uncontrollably high. “We keep guests to a 20 MG limit for edibles, and a one- or two-joint limit on the bud itself.”

Like it or not, marijuana is making its way into mainstream weddings but who knows if this wedding trend is here to stay. Some wedding venues in Colorado and Washington don’t know how to handle the influx of cannabis weddings.

“It’s all so new for us. We want to accommodate all of our brides and give them what they want, but until we can figure out the liability part we have to hold off for a bit,” says Roxie Ellis, owner of Ellis Ranch and Event Center in Loveland, Colorado.

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