Top 4 Wedding Mishaps of 2013

With the average price tag of a wedding now close to $30,000, it is no surprise that even with months (sometimes years) of planning, life happens and plans can be thrown to the wind.

We here at Wedsure know that while insurance is not the first thing on most couples’ minds in anticipation of their big day, it should be considered at some point in the wedding planning process. The reasoning behind is best summed up by author Angela Thompson.

“You wouldn’t spend $30,000 on a car and not insure it,” said Thompson, author of Unveiled: Secrets of the Wedding Industry. “Why would you spend $30,000 on a wedding and not buy wedding insurance?”

Below are the top 4 wedding mishap insurance claims of 2013:

1. Vendor/Merchant issues: This happens when a vendor such as a caterer or DJ, that was contracted for a service fails to deliver. Just a few of the common mix-ups include
reception facilities falling short of their duties, limousine drivers failing to arrive, and caterers who missed the event completely.

2. Weather: Mother Nature was quite the party crasher in 2013. Forest fires, tornadoes, and thunderstorms all
interrupted many brides special days over the past year.

3. Damage to Property: When the drinks are flowing, rowdy wedding guests can end up damaging parts of a venue, leaving the bride and groom to pay for repairs.

4. Bad health: Food poisoning and many other unforeseen illnesses and injuries have
prevented couples from walking down the aisle, and family members from attending
ceremonies and receptions.

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