6 Unique DIY Bridesmaids Gifts your Bridal Party will Love

What better way to say thank you to the lucky individuals you have asked to stand beside you on one of the most important days of your life than with a handmade present?

Each of the DIY bridesmaid gifts shown below are sure to impress without taking too much time (or destroying your budget). Get crafty!

1. A Mini Spa Pampering Kit

diy pamper kit
This Mini Spa Pampering Kit is packed with all kinds of spa-inspired goodies is the perfect DIY bridesmaid gift that encourages your bridesmaids to spend a little time on themselves and thank them for all the energy they’re pouring into your big day.

2. DIY Bath Bombs

bath bombs
Keeping with the relaxation theme, these bath bombs are a DIY bridesmaid gift that are sure to be a hit with your bridal party. Not only are they easy to make, they smell amazing too!

3. Gold Sequined Hangars

For a DIY gift your bridal party can use to really show off those stunning bridesmaids dresses you helped choose, this sequined hanger is just the ticket!

4. Glitter Coffee Mugs

Transform dollar-store mugs into something so chic with the help of some Mod Podge and a bit of glitter. Along with being wonderfully sparkly, these mugs are budget-friendly!

5. Rose-Flavored Rock Candy

rock candy
This DIY bridesmaid gift is a must-try for those bridesmaids who have a sweet tooth. This rose flavored rock candy is not only easy to make and pretty to look at, it’s delicious!

6. DIY Essential Oil Room Spray

With just water, essential oil (eucalyptus, jasmine, or lavender), witch hazel (from the drugstore), and a few dried flowers you can make fabulous essential oil room sprays. Mix and match to make your own custom scent. Your bridesmaids can use it in their hotel room and bring it home for a great memory.

Any DIY bridesmaid gifts catching your eye? Visit our Instagram and let us know which ones you’re considering.

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