When the Presents are No Longer Present

When the Presents are No Longer Present

Tracy and Paul’s wedding was a one-stop affair at a posh downtown hotel. The ceremony took place in an outdoor garden courtyard and the reception was in the ballroom. Upon arrival, guests were directed to place gifts and cards on a reception table inside before proceeding to the outdoor ceremony area.

Outside in the courtyard, the sun shone, birds sang, and love was in the air. Inside, a different story was unfolding. Unbeknownst to everyone, the presents were being carted away by thieves masquerading as hotel clerks.

Tracy and Paul didn’t notice anything awry when they came inside for the reception – neither did the guests. Everyone was caught up in the moment, enjoying the food, champagne, and festivities. It was only after the cake cutting and first dance that Tracy’s mom started thinking about next steps and wondering where the gifts had been stowed.

She asked members of the hotel staff for assistance. After a brief period of confusion, it became apparent that the presents were no longer present!

Police were notified and film from hotel security cameras was reviewed. The thieves could be seen on the tape loading all the gifts into large carts and wheeling them toward a service elevator. Tape from an exterior camera showed them leaving the premises in a dark colored SUV. The police confirmed that this was just one more incident in a growing crime spree. It seems the thieves had already gotten away with the heist twice before at other local hotels.

With 150 guests in attendance, the loss was estimated at $15,000! Tracey and Paul were devastated – they’d been hoping that wedding presents would help them furnish and update the 1940s craftsman bungalow they’d just purchased. Fortunately, they had also purchased wedding insurance from Wedsure with Gifts coverage several months earlier.

When Paul reported the loss, he was relieved to learn that he would soon receive a check in the mail. It seems that good insurance is always present – even when the gifts are missing in action!

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