Southern Weddings: Unique Wedding Destinations, a Celebration of Charm and Hospitality

Do you envision mason jars filled with wildflowers? Vintage furniture? Or twinkling lights draped through trees? From Savannah’s Spanish moss-draped squares and New Orleans’ vibrant French Quarter to Charleston’s pastel-hued mansions, or Nashville’s music-filled streets, a perfect match for your dream wedding can easily be found in the Southern United States.

Southern weddings are renowned for their charm, beauty, and warmth, and each state weaves its own unique thread. Here are five states that won’t disappoint if a Southern Wedding is in your future:

Envision saying “I do” in a vineyard bathed in the golden glow of a setting sun, with rolling hills as your backdrop—timeless romance. Treat your guests to a menu filled with succulent peaches and pecan-crusted delights, all served with the signature sweetness of true Southern hospitality. Known for its peaches and pecans, you can serve peach-inspired cocktails and offer pecan-crusted delights for dessert, or consider welcome bags filled with locally sourced goodies for your wedding party. Read more about Georgia Weddings

Famous for its rolling bluegrass fields, thoroughbred horse racing, and bourbon distilleries, Kentucky offers a sophisticated and timeless backdrop. Picture your wedding photos against the backdrop of thoroughbred horses grazing in the bluegrass fields. Embrace Kentucky’s culinary traditions and feature bourbon-infused cocktails and mouthwatering barbecue. Bluegrass fields aren’t the only option for a Kentucky wedding, you’ll also find lush forests, sparkling lakes, and the majestic Appalachian Mountains—a wide range of natural backdrops mixed with Kentucky’s warm and welcoming hospitality. Couples and their guests will feel right at home celebrating their wedding in the Bluegrass state.

Picture exchanging vows beneath a centuries-old live oaks, its branches draped in Spanish moss, a natural cathedral-like setting. The air is filled with lively zydeco music, vibrant energy for your big day. Indulge your guests with a sumptuous feast featuring jambalaya and gumbo, and let the festivities spill onto the historic streets of the French Quarter, where a second line parade winds its way beneath the twinkling lanterns. If New Orleans is your desired wedding locale, consider booking a live jazz band for your wedding reception, and infuse Louisiana charm into your celebration. Read more about Louisiana Weddings including some unique ideas for your event.

The Smoky mountains, country and bluegrass music as the backdrop, the ultimate rustic romance with awe-inspiring vistas. Tennessee is where you might find mason jars filled with local blooms and wooden signage leading guests to your wedding. The Smoky mountains offer panoramic views while your guests dine on the classic Southern comfort food including fried chicken, biscuits, and macaroni and cheese. For the ultimate Tennessee experience top if off with a bourbon bar. Read what are the most popular cities in Tennessee for Weddings.

From Charlottesville with its picturesque vineyards, historic estates, and Blue Ridge Mountains to Richmond with its historic landmarks, or Virginia Beach, the choices are many in Virginia. Candlelit churches, cobblestone streets, cityscapes, or beachside, Virginia has a lot to offer in the way of wedding venues. Consider embracing Virginia’s farm-to-table ethos and serve a menu featuring locally sourced ingredients or treat guests to the freshest seafood from the Chesapeake Bay.

The Southern states provide an variety of settings for your special day, accompanied by a network of talented vendors poised to infuse your event with the charm of Southern hospitality. From skilled bakers crafting tiered cakes adorned with delicate buttercream roses to florists and enchanting bouquets of wildflowers and fragrant magnolias, every detail is steeped in tradition.

There’s an unparalleled magic in dancing beneath a starlit sky, basking in the sweet summer breeze, and sharing laughter that resonates into the night. If you opt for a Southern wedding, be prepared to embark on a journey celebrating your love story in a manner as exceptional and captivating as the very land that surrounds you.

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