Top 20 Wedding Mishaps

wedding mishaps

A wedding includes not only the big day but the events leading up to it as well. Combine the wedding and reception with the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and you have a lot of possibilities for mishaps.

The costs of the caterer, dress and band add up. Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to kiss those investments goodbye? Once you take a look at these top wedding mishaps, I’m sure you’ll agree that Wedding Insurance is just plain smart.

  1. A tornado rendered the venue uninhabitable (Cancellation/Postponement). $35,000
  2. The rings were stolen out of the groom’s home (Jewelry). $15,352
  3. The seamstress lost the bridal gown (Special Attire). $3,412
  4. The tuxedos were double rented (Special Attire). $2,278
  5. A drunk guest tripped and fell while dancing and broke their leg (Liability). $350,000
  6. The photographer’s car was stolen with the camera and wedding photos (Photographs/Video). $15,000
  7. The reception venue went out of business (Loss of Deposits). $8,500
  8. The DJ went out of business (Loss of Deposits). $1,257
  9. The wedding gifts were stolen at the reception (Gifts). $12,300
  10. Bridesmaid left a candle burning in the dressing room and the facility caught fire (Liability). $150,000
  11. The bride’s father had a heart attack (Cancellation/Postponement). $50,000
  12. The flower girl hid the wedding ring in her princess purse. Scary but not expensive!
  13. A wild fire burns down the wedding venue days before your wedding (Cancellation/Postponement) $40,000
  14. The guests got food poisoning (Liability). $56,221
  15. The groom’s previously approved military leave was revoked (Cancellation/Postponement). $32,528
  16. An elderly guest was knocked over and broke both of her hips (Liability). $352,000
  17. Only 1/4 of the guests showed due to an ice storm (Cancellation/Postponement). $43,625
  18. The caterer failed to show (Cancellation/Postponement). $15,350
  19. The minister failed to show (Cancellation/Postponement). $8,350
  20. The groom was laid off and the couple could no longer afford the wedding (Cancellation/Postponement). $6,500
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