Top 10 Wedding Vendor Nightmares

vendor nightmares

Love conquers all … as long as you have each other, it doesn’t really matter if something goes wrong with the caterer, the dress or the photographer, right? Wrong!

Top 10 Wedding Vendor Nightmares

  1. The seamstress lost the bridal gown. (Special Attire)
  2. The bridal store burned down. (Special Attire)
  3. The limo went out of business. (Loss of Deposits)
  4. The minister failed to show. (Cancellation/Postponement)
  5. The florist failed to show. (Loss of Deposits)
  6. The caterers failed to show. (Cancellation/Postponement)
  7. The photographer disappeared after the wedding day. (Photographs/Video)
  8. The DJ went out of business. (Loss of Deposits)
  9. The event site went bankrupt. (Cancellation/Postponement)
  10. The wedding coordinator went out of business. (Loss of Deposits)
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